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Conventional corporate financing has become more difficult to attract, mostly due to increasing regulation on the banking market. Even well established companies struggle to meet growth financing needs. However, due to these circumstances, alternative financing has made considerable developments. Crowdfunding, direct investments or strategic cooperations – instruments rather connected with the startup sector – have become noteworthy solutions for established corporations. Furhter, numerous grants and public funding programs are availabe for growth, internationalisation or digitalisation – on federal, state or EU level. foremind identifies the optimal financing solution for your project, connects to relevant contact persons and guides you through the financing process.

every problem is a financial one today

Regardless of the current phase or branch of your company – all business sectors today are determined by financial factors. Risk and reward have to be carefully considered in a dynamic and uncertain environment. And besides of the companies targets, external stakeholder and financiers need to be convinced as well. As if that were not enough, decision making has to be transparent – having supervisory boards, internal revision or public supervision authorities in mind.

your partner for financing matters

Substantially all entrepreneurial decisions and projects have to be carefully prepared when it comes to financial aspects. Financial viability and economic feasability is just one part of the game – impact on financial statements or enterprise value might as well play a significant role. Further, effects from tax law, public funding guidelines or regulation have to be considered. Far-reaching consequences are making gut decisions impossible. 

adjusted to your requirements

foremind provides taylor-made financing solutions based on your needs and targets. Businesses, as well as the public sector, are acting in an increasing dynamic and complex world – where standard models are not sufficient any more. foremind designs and creates state-of-the-art financial models you can count on. Serving as decision making tool or for adressing financiers – the financial model processes all relevant information and therefore is the crucial strategic element in every financing process.


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