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Business intelligence tools can also add value to established enterprises. Especially when it comes to problems aside your daily business.

Established companies collect fast amounts of data every day. You might use specific software in different departments of your company. Unfortunately, this  often leads to data silos and it becomes difficult to get the big picture. However, this is vital to identify trends, analyse your business in detail or set up a reliable reporting.

foremind uses two main tools when it comes to business intelligence. For any tasks in daily business, e.g. reporting or data analysis we use Power BI. This tool allows for data analysis from multiple data sources and can handle big data. With Power BI, all these informations and visuals are summarized in userfriendly reports and dashboards. Management can access these reports remotely and on all devices, which supports productivity and decision making. From fincial reports, to measuring your sales performance or tracking IoT-sensor data during production in real-time - Power BI is the right tool.

However, established companies also face once-in-a-while challenges. Think about strategic decisions, market entries or high volume projects like setting up a new production site. In these cases, foremind brings in the expertise from numerous projects and financial models to support the economic aspects of your project.

your benefits

taylor-made financial solutions

No matter what your task is, individual business intelligence tools and financial modelling meet the requirements for your decision-making process. Sales planning, financing alternatives, market entries or forecasting, do not accept any compromises from templates.

total flexibility

Parameters will change in the course of your project and you need to evaluate opportunities quickly. A planned market entry now is a joint-venture? Instead of building a new location, you take over a competitor? foremind gets it done.


Increase efficiency in your evaluations and analyses. foremind creates taylor-made solutions, meeting your requirements while offering intuitive operability. Usability is the key to success, when tools shall be used in real life.

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