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Project development

The right financial structure can really make the difference It's not only about costs, but how well the financing can be adjusted to your specific project.




Ihr Projekt

Alles startet mit Ihrer Idee, egal ob neue Geschäftsidee, Wachstum durch neue Produkte oder Märkte oder großvolumige Einzelprojekte.


Financial Modeling

foremind erstellt das Finanzmodell für Ihr Vorhaben. Es fasst alle relevanten Informationen und Annahmen zusammen und stellt Ihr Projekt wirtschaftlich dar.



foremind entwickelt die optimale Finanzierungsstruktur: kosten- und risikoeffizient, aber auch am Markt platzierbar, also "bankable".



Auf Basis der bisherigen Schritte fällt die Entscheidung über die finale Finanzierungsform. Hier werden sämtliche Auswirkungen auf das Unternehmen berücksichtigt, also strategisch finanziert.




foremind findet die richtigen Ansprechpartner für die geplante Finanzierung. Das umfasst Banken, alternative Finanziers und Förderinstitutionen. Gerne machen wir uns auch auf die Suche nach Direktinvestoren.



Im Idealfall können mehrere Interessenten für die Finanzierung in Wettbewerb gestellt werden, was zu attraktiven Finanzierungskonditionen führt.



Die finale Entscheidung ist gefallen, ein passender Finanzierungspartner gefunden. Jetzt geht es an die Umsetzung und Begleitung Ihres Projekts.

your benefits

taylor-made financial model

Your business case is prepared fully integrated, including each and every parameter and generates cashflow, P&L and balance sheet. In addition KPI's and relevant analyses are added. This will be adjusted, inter alia, according to your service depth and the intended financing instruments.

total flexibility

Adjusted to your needs, the model is capable of processing different financial instruments. Planning period and frequency will be set up to your demand. In short, the financial model will meet your requirements, not the other way round.

focus on target audience

The financial model is a planning and negotiations support for all project participants. Consortium members, investors and financiers receive clear and structured information.

professional processing

Our financial models meet internationally accepted best-practice standards. This accellerates the overall process when cooperating with experienced investors and financiers.

Financial Planning is a central task for project developers, expecially in project finance, where you and your partners have to rely solely on the performance of your project. In the concept phase, the financial model processes all input parameters and calculations. Any deviations in your cost or revenue structure can be assessed efficiently. As a central planning tool, the model provides insight to you as well as your business partners and can be a significant support for negotiations with investors or financiers. It enables a fast identification of key parameters and provides excellent risk assessment by comprehensive scenario and sensitivity analyses. The scope of the model will be adjusted to your needs and strategic goals.

​The financial model involves:

comprehensive presentation of cost structure

The financial model processes all input parameters, including design and construction costs as well as ancillary (financing) costs. Cost overruns and delays can be efficiently assessed by sensitivity analysis.

comparing financial instruments

Besides a calculation of funding requirements, the model is capable of comparing financial instruments. This allows you to identify the optimal financing structure for your project and therefore accellerates financing negotiations. Contractual obligations (financial covenants) can be evaluated and tracked.

Fully integrated model

In addition to individualised outputs, the model also provides common financial statements. You can easily evaluate the project's impact on your company result.

scenario and sensitivity analyses

Adjusted to your needs, the model includes comprehensive scenario and sensitivity analyses. This might include completion delays, construction or maintenance cost overruns or unexpected vacancy levels or periods. Precisely because projections inevitably involve uncertainty, such deviations and their impact on the project should be tested carefully.

controlling tool

Once the deal is closed, the financial model can be extended to an operating model, allowing for budget/actual comparison and keeping track of your project performance.


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