Investor Readiness

Investor Readiness Report

Your startup is getting ready for the first financing round? You need to win investors for your business? foremind’s Investor Readiness Report is the perfect support for you.

This service is dedicated to founders, willing to keep control over their financials and, therefore, have developed the financial model on their own. However, right before starting the financing process there might be questions and doubt. What is absolutely new and crucial for the further development of startups is just daily business for Investors. In the best case, the financial model offers a comprehensive basis for a quick investment decision-making process, but is your model really ready for this?

This is where the foremind Investor Readiness Report comes in. Your financial model is tested and analyzed for exactly this purpose. foremind delivers a sound report on:

  • setup and structure of the financial model

  • arithmetic and economic quick check

  • traceability & plausibility of inputs and results

  • check of results and summaries

  • storytelling support

This reports enables you to get external experience and expertise from numerous financial models into your project. foremind delivers pracitcal advice and specific hints and tricks, but will not actively make changes to your model.

Ideal if you don’t want to assign financial modeling completely on the one hand, but don’t want to miss out external expertise on the other.

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