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Project Development

Your financial blueprint

State-of-the-art financial modeling is a key success factor in project development. From the idea, through the financing process to execution - the financial model is your central information hub when it comes to financials of your project


  • hepls you keep track

  • optimizes the financial structure

  • supports you in convincing investors and financiers

  • helps you track key performance indicators throughout the project

Business Intelligence

How do you measure success?

foremind is working with Power BI when it comes to business intelligence tasks. From reporting to ad-hoc analysis - this tool enables powerful and taylor-made solutions. 


  • generates insights and adds value

  • delivers a taylor-made solution - from business plan to simulation

  • empowers data-driven decision making - reliable and plausible

Need more information?


Keep on track

It is absolutely vital for your startup to attract external capital. foremind supports you in telling your story numerically, so we convince investors together. At the same time, the financial model is your key decision making tool throughout the development of your company.


  • delivers state-of-the-art financial modeling

  • helps you identifying key risk and upside potentials of your business model

  • allows you to feel confident when it comes to crucial negotiations

Rethinking financial advice

Traditional corporate financing becomes more and more comlex, due to increased regulative standards. Even well established companies can find it difficult to raise growth financing from banks. However, this situation also fostered the development of alternative financing. Crowdfunding, direct investments or strategic joint-ventures - what was once assigned to startups only becomes more and more attractive to established organisations. In addition to that, a vast number of funding agencies and programs might also be of interest - from local authorities up to EU funds. Especially when it comes to growth, digitalization or sustainability it is worth exploring those programs. foremind supports you in finding the right financing instrument for your specific project.


Every problem is a financial one

Regardless of your market or industry, your decision making is always influenced by financial indicators or even restrictions. In a dynamic and volatile environment, risk and reward have to be analyzed carefully. Further, your decision making has to balance interests of your enterprise as well as those of your stakeholders. Last but not least, it has to be transparent and plausible.

Your trusted advisor

All of your entrepreneurial decisions have to be analyzed from the financial point of view. It is not only about economic viability - how will it influence reporting and your enterprise value in the long run? Plus, decisions have to be made in a way that takes internal and external revision into account, from the very beginning. In our complex world, there is no place anymore for gut decisions - but with foremind, there is also no need for it.


Taylor-made solutions

foremind designs and creates state-of-the-art financial models, always taylor-made to your specific needs and requirements. Templates are simply not enough to help you find your way through a complex and volatile economic environment. With foremind, your project comes first in every aspect. Individualization is key when it comes to reliable financial modeling that really adds value.


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