Financial Modelling

Financial modelling provides a comprehensive financial overview of your project, e.g. Startups, investment decisions, market entries or project development. The financial model processes all relevant input parameters and generates fully integrated financial statements. In addition, it shows further analyses and KPI's, adjusted to your requirements.


foremind designs taylor-made solutions, adjusted to your targets. Expertise from numerous transactions and projects ensures an internationally accepted structure, to serve clients, banks and investors at the same time.

Business Intelligence

Corporates collect vast amounts of data at various points. Keep track of your data with individualised planning, budgeting and controlling tools. Despite the large number of ready-made software, there are tasks where your requirements are not met or at least not at a favourable cost-benefit-ratio. foremind designs taylor-made tools, putting emphasis on your benefit. Best-practice methods ensure consistent and reliable results while offering unrivaled usability. Take the opportunity to increase efficiency throughout your analyses.

Model Review

You have already done the modelling for your project and need a second opinion?  foremind tests your model based on interntionally accepted best-practice methods. You'll receive a transparent report on the arithmetics, plausibility and consistency of results. Further, model stability and its ability to serve the model purpose will be reviewed in detail. A model review is typically done in at least two loops, in order to eliminate potential error sources.

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